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You were a simple elven maiden. Maybe you were a servant to Lord Elrond, but also his friend and one of the best confectioners in Rivendell. Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond always wanted you to make some of your famous cookies for evening, usually you two were sitting in library, eating sweets and reading, sometimes talking about men. Often it was you complaining about twins, these two devils! They always were leaving a mess and pranking everyone. Except for you. They wouldn't dare to prank you, everyone knew you were dangerous when mad. Arwen liked to remind you about Lindir, your closest friend. Well, now that he had more duties you barely talked to each other. Today on the other hand, was different.

Thorin's Company was just eating in Lord Elrond's prescence when two young elves arrived. They looked terryfied! When they saw Lord Elrond, they ran to him and hid behind him. Elrond raised his eyebrows and looked at twins, when dwarves started singing and throwing food.
"Help Ada!" Elladan shrieked.
"Ada save us!" Elrohir groaned in the same moment. Gandalf looked at twins surprised. He never saw them that scared. The same with Elrond. "We were just going to do a prank"
"A harmless prank! Just spilling water with plants on Glorfindel"
"Since he loves his hair the most"
"And we made a trap-prank above the door"
"But before Glorfindel she walked under it and-"
"Ada save us!" Twins shrieked in unison. Gandalf was watching all this with amusement.
"Before I'll 'save you' could you tell me from who should I-"
"ELROHIR! ELLADAN!" Your voice silenced everyone for couple of seconds, and soon you showed up. Soaking wet. With plants in your wet hair. "I am going to rip your heads off!" You growled in the moment you saw them and then... a cake hit your face. You could hear minstrels holding their breath. You wiped off massive part of the cake off your face. You looked at dwarves who were the ones throwing food. "Who did it?" You asked and in a second every dwarf pointed the youngest one. You slowly walked to the dwarf. "Could you tell me why you threw a cake on my face?" You asked as dwarf gulped.
"I-I-I didn't mean to hit you."
"Then why you threw it?"
"W-Well... e-everyone were..."
"So if they would kill themselves you would kill yourself too?"
"Then again: why you were throwing the food?"
"For... fun."
"So mess and chaos is funny?"
"Then why you threw a cake?" Dwarf looked down, his face, ears - were scarlet. "Then if it was for fun, then now... CLEAN ALL THIS MESS UP!" You yelled and looked at the rest of Thorin's Company. "All of you! Now!" Even the most stubborn dwarves now were cleaning the tables and floor. You noticed that Lindir, who stood next to Lord Elrond, sighed with a relief. "Now, where are the twins?" You placed hands on your hips and noticed that Lord Elrond is looking at something behind you. You turned away and quickly grabbed Elladan's and Elrohir's ear. "Where do you think you're going?" You hissed.
"We didn't mean to prank you!"
"We swear!" You smirked as they said it.
"Just like dwarf didn't mean to hit me. You can as well help them with cleaning."
"Or I can be more creative about my revenge." You cut Elladan and twins literally ran to help dwarves. Lord Elrond tried his best not to laugh, just like Lindir. When you actually saw twins cleaning the place with dwarves, you nodded with satisfaction and slightly bowed to Lord Elrond. "My Lord." And you quickly left to clean yourself.


Everyone heard your terrible shriek in the morning. Lindir, Elrond and Mithrandir were the first ones who discovered from where this shriek came from. You fainted and now lied on the floor, as dwarves were dressing up. Lindir moved you to a couch, trying to wake you up.
"Oh, what have you done to poor Lady (Y/N)?" Gandalf sighed and looked at dwarves. Balin stepped forward, he was the only one who actually was dressed up.
"Ladds wanted to bath and we just came here for clothes when this lassie came in."
"She shrieked and fainted!" Ori cut the elder dwarf. Elrond sighed and shook his head.
"Descendants of Durin you said?" Gandalf gave him apologizing look. "Lindir, take care of (Y/N), I am afraid she will be quiet... mad when she wake up." Lindir nodded and despite the fact his face turned scarlet as he carried you to your chambers, he tried to act normally. He was watching over you for hour before you woke up. And when you did, you weren't mad. More terryfied.
"I will have nightmares for months." You whined and covered your eyes with hands. "These dwarves are impossible!"
"I know what you mean, mellon." Lindir sighed and shook his head. "Me and Lord Elrond caught them on bathing in the fountain." Your eyes widened. "Don't worry, it's clean now." He smiled a little.
"Well... I should get back to kitchen." You sighed and stood up.
"Then I should assist you. Lord Elrond said I should take care of you." You raised your eyebrows. "Of course if you don't mind..."
"No, no, I could use some companionship." You quickly smiled and grabbed his hand, leading him to the kitchen.
While you were cooking at baking, he was watching you in silence. You always sang while working, he found it adorable. Elrond knew his ex minstrel had a thing for you, but who could blame poor Lindir? You were kind, beautiful, talented, you had your charm. He was watching you with a soft smile until he realised that you're talking to him.
"Lindir? Are you even listening?" He blinked few times.
"Yes, mellon? What is it?" You rolled your eyes and took a bowl with small, sweets. You discovered how to make a carmel sweets without placing it in a cake and they didn't melt so fast.
"Just try it!" You handed him one of your sweets. He looked at it suspiciously. "Mellon, don't you trust me?"
"I trust you, just..." You raised your eyebrows and placed hands on your hips. He cleared his throat. "Never mind." He put a small carmel thing in his mouth. After few seconds you could swear his ear are moving! He smiled against his own will.
"And? Do you like it?" You asked sitting on the table and waving your legs.
"It's one of your best sweets, mellon." He admitted. "You have a true gift." You felt your face turns scarlet. You jumped off the table and returned to cooking.
"Now, you're lying. I could never be as good as Lady Thaarla." Thaarla was like a mother to you. She taught you everything you knew, including baking and cooking. When your parents died during hunting pack of orcs, she took care of you. And not long time ago she left and sailed to the Undying Lands. "I miss her." You sighed and looked down. For quiet a moment no one said anything, and then Lindir gently grabbed your hand and turn you to him.
"Don't be sad, Lirimaer." You blinked surprised as he called you that. You opened your mouth trying to say something, but words wouldn't come out. His face was so close, so damn close... and then he placed one of the carmel sweet in your mouth and laughed. You blinked and slowly nodded.
"You were right, it's tasty." You admitted and laughed too.
I do not own any characters here.
You © Lindir ;)
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